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III FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE FILMES Crime e Punição (Delinquência Juvenil)

Para quem estiver por perto, ou para quem poder deslocar-se à Turquia, dos dias 13 a 20 de Setembro realizar-se-á o III festival Internacional de Filmes sobre Crime e Punição, organizado pela Universidade de Istambul


The 3rd International Crime and Punishment Film Festival follows upon the success of the first two Film Festivals held of its kind by Istanbul University in 2011 and 2012. Central to the concept of our annual Film Festival is the notion that exploring important societal themes by combining the high-impact vision of international cinema and the deep-impact perspective of international science will enhance keener understanding of issues, promote broader awareness of them and engender deeper commitment to finding resolutions. As such, valorisation and capturing the interest of broad audiences are key goals of the Festival.
Whilst the 1st and the 2nd Film Festivals were each oriented on one central theme (respectively, “Reckoning with the past (in the sense of ‘Coups d’etat’) in light of the Rule of Law” and “Violence and Discrimination against Women”), other topics were also addressed, both in film and academic debate, ranging from organized crime, human rights violations to criminal biographies. Some four hundred films were screened, alongside academic panels and workshops dealing with the same issues. Participants—both ‘unis’ and ‘movies’—hailed from all over the world, with no less than countries represented. The Film Festival has also introduced awards which are presented for both cinematic and academic achievements.
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3rd InternationalCrime and Punishment Film Festival“Juvenile Delinquency” 

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