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Implications for choice of forum and choice of Contract Law
A business survey
Final Result

M. Stefan Vogenauer, Professeur de droit comparé à l'Université d'Oxford


These are the results of a survey of 100 European businesses. The survey was conducted by the
Oxford Institute of European and Comparative Law and the Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal-Studies.
It was funded by Clifford Chance LLP and had the support of the European Justice Forum and the
European Company Lawyers Association (ECLA). The organization of the data collection and the
computation of the final results was undertaken by Alexander Wulf MLB of the London School of
Economics’ MSc programme on Social Research Methods.

The interviews were conducted by telephone, most of them between January and March 2008, with
less than ten additional interviews conducted in a two week period in June and July 2008.

Care was taken to make the sample as representative as possible of all businesses engaging in
cross-border transactions in Europe. In order to realize this, a multinational sample of businesses was
recruited from eight focal Member States of the EU (France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland,
Spain, UK and Belgium), with a minority of businesses from other European countries.

This document will be posted on the website of the Institute of European and Comparative Law,
together with the survey questionnaire and a more detailed breakdown of the results. A detailed
analysis will be published in a collection of essays which will bear the title of this study and will be
edited by Stefan Vogenauer and Chris Hodges (Hart Publishing, 2009).

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