terça-feira, 28 de abril de 2015

Mães atrás das grades: a situação das crianças filhas de reclusas - filme

Based on the book “The Prisoners: mothers behind bars” authored by the reporter Isabel Nery, the project mobilises the testimonies of two individuals (Ivo and Sérgio), who lived in prison from some time in their childhoods, with their inmate mothers.
Human Rights Award (FENACO, Peru)
1st prize - short film competition (Arraial Cine Fest, Brazil)
Honorable Mention, Best Portuguese Short Award (Monstra, Portugal)
Festival Cinanima 2014 (Portugal)
Festival Internacional Fenaco Perú 2014 (Peru)
Karama Human Rights Film Festival 2014 (Jordan)
Animated Dreams 14 (Estonia)
Arraial Cine Fest 2015 (Brazil)
Festival Monstra 2015 (Portugal)
Tricky Women 2015 (Austria)
Anima 2015 (Belgium)
FemCine 2015 (Chile)
Festival Internacional de Cine Lebu 2015 (Chile)
Athens Animfest 2015 (Greece)
Tracce Cinematografiche Film Fest 2015 (Italy)
The walls.
Ivo lives now outside, but he would like to be on the inside, where his mother and younger brother are. Sérgio has lived inside, but his sister was outside.
Home is inside or outside of these walls?
And freedom? In which side is freedom?
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